Non-Visa (EU) Students

  • Students from the EU
  • Dependants of people already in the UK
  • British Citizens

Non-Visa (EU) Student Price List 2019

ProgrammeClass DurationPrice per Class
Morning Classes (9.30am-12:45pm)
- General English
- Cambridge Exam Preparation
- IELTS Exam Preparation
3 hours£ 21 (minimum booking for 5 classes)
Afternoon Classes (14.00pm-16:00pm)
- Conversational English
- Writing
2 hours£ 14 (minimum booking of 5 classes)
Evening Classes (18:30pm-20:30pm)
- General English
- CAE Exam Preparation
2 hoursMembership Prices (10, 20 or 40 weeks)
One to One/ Private Class1 hour£30

Short Term Students Terms and Conditions (pdf)


Non-Visa (EU) Membership Price List 2019/20

These prices are applicable from 24th June 2019.

Eurospeak Membership Terms and Conditions (pdf)


Visa (Non-EU) Students

  • All students who require sponsorship to study in the UK

Visa (Non-EU) Student Price List 2019

Visa (Non-EU) Students Terms and Conditions