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SeaCity Museum, Southampton

Last week was amazing; I visited the SeaCity museum in Southampton with my friend Hassan.  I learned a lot about Southampton’s history and the Titanic.  Actually, I got very excited watching the Titanic film. 

While we were at the museum, we talked about what happened, and we visualised the lack of safety boats on the Titanic and how this changed for future ships.  In my opinion, there is no person to blame, but this was the result of a sequence of mistakes and wrong decisions.  

The important thing is that we get the benefits of what happened and maybe try to avoid such events again. 

Mustafa A.

October, 2019 

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  1. Mayflower Theatre

Mayflower produces some of the finest performances in the UK. Mayflower is the biggest theatre on the south coast with just over 2,270 seats in our auditorium. Their aim is to bring a diverse range of shows to Southampton, and they present a mixture of spectacular touring productions, from musicals – many direct from the West End – to dance, opera, drama, ballet and comedy. we do not doubt for a second that you will be able to find the perfect show for you!

  1. A walk through stunning gardens and parks

Southampton is the home to beautifully picturesque walks, surrounded by wildlife. Some of the most popular parks in which you can take walks and relax are: Southampton Common, Houndwell Park and West Park. The Last one is right opposite of Eurospeak Southampton Language School.

  1. Speed Boat Tours and Courses

Ocean Sports Tuition is the place to make your boating ambitions become a reality. If you’re just after the thrill, without the qualifications, then you must check out Seadogz, including 60- or 90-minute Extreme Rib Experiences, Treasure Hunts.

  1. Find out more about the Titanic

You can see various experiences and exhibitions about Titanic’s History. You can visit SeaCity Museum and learn about the story of the people of the city, their fascinating lives and historic connections with Titanic and the sea. Also, here you will find the Titanic Engineers’ Memorial.

  1. Enjoy a drink somewhere a little different

From themed pubs like the Hobbit, to bookstore/alehouse hybrids, Southampton has an array of individual and kooky joints to sink your favourite craft beer or cocktail. A varied and lively nightlife, allows you to let your hair down with like-minded people after a long day exploring the history of this wonderful city.

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