Try going following these stages to help you deliver effective presentations.

Thing to find out first:

– find out how long you need to speak for

– find out who you’re speaking to as this will affect the style of your presentation


– do not write out your presentation in full; instead, use notes in large writing, so you can see what you’ve written and read it easily

– highlight important words

– use linking words or expressions to connect your presentation together

– think about your timing and decide when you are going to pause and make a note of it


– eye-contact – pretend the audience is there and practise looking at them

– speak loudly enough to be heard

– speak slowly enough to be heard

– stand confidently

– use hand gestures

– make effective use of intonation

– record yourself, play it back later and think about how you could improve – then practise again!


– do everything that you’ve been practising!

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