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  • Hilfreiche Tipps, um Fettnäpfchen zu vermeiden
    Um dir den Start als Deutsche/r in England etwas zu erleichtern, haben wir ein paar Tipps für dich zusammengestellt: Pünktlichkeit Hier scheiden sich ein wenig die Geister: So erwartet man doch von einem so vornehmen Land wie England, dass es großen Wert auf Pünktlichkeit legt. In der Theorie ist das auch so, denn es gibt […]
  • Differences between The United Kingdom, Great Britain and England
    Did you know that The United Kingdom and Great Britain aren’t the same? No? Then it’s time we informed you before your stay at Eurospeak! Although the difference is hard for many outsiders to see, let alone important, if you have contact with the residents, you can prevent yourself from putting your foot in it […]
  • Hospedarse en Southampton
    Coste de vida en Southampton Si planeas venir a Southampton es importante tener en cuenta el coste de vida en la ciudad, debes asegurarte de que puedes afrontar los gastos. Es importante también tener en cuenta que la libra es una moneda cuya conversión no es la mismo que el euro y hay que tenerlo […]
  • How many words do I need to know to be fluent in a foreign language?
    Let’s say that our vocabulary counts are using headwords and word families that are included in our active vocabulary (the vocabulary that you can quickly remember and actively use when writing, speaking and thinking). So, we are not counting all the different forms of a given word, and we are not counting anything that’s only […]
  • Symbols of the UK (Part 4)
    WALES Wales has specific emblems: The leek As strange as it may seem, the leek is the national emblem of Wales. According to legend, during a battle against the pagan Saxons in a leek field, Saint-David ordered Welsh soldiers to wear a leek on their helmets to distinguish friend from foe! Of course, they were […]