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Vocabulary notebooks are a great way of learning new words. By using them, not only can you record new words, but you can personalise and autonomise your learning too.

There are a number of ways that you can organise your vocabulary notebook. You might choose just to write down words as you come across them. Equally, you might prefer to record words and expressions alphabetically or arranged into different topics. If you record both the English word and the translation in your language, you could use different colours for the different languages. Whichever way you do it, your vocabulary notebook can become your own personal dictionary of English words you are trying to learn. You can then look back over the words and test yourself on them, which helps you to learn independently too.

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Living in Reading, Berkshire

Local places of worship in Reading

The UK is very multicultural so there are some different places of worship local to Reading for different religions. These include:
Reading synagogue – contact them on 0118957 3954
• Mosque (The Jamme Masjid) – contact them on 01189261565
Reading Hindu temple
Roman Catholic Parish of St James & St William of York – contact them on 01189574171

Things to do in Reading

Reading is a large town with a wide variety of shops, both on the high street and in shopping centres like the Oracle which has over 90 shops. The river Thames runs through the town, so you can go for walks on the waterside. In Reading there is a cinema, theatre, a museum and there are also many clubs and bars.

Getting around in Reading

Reading train station has links to almost anywhere in the country. Conveniently it also provides a short 25 minute train ride to London.

Buses are the cheapest way to get around and you can see all the bus timetables for Reading on the Reading buses website.

You can also take a taxi around, these are more expensive but convenient. Make sure that when using a taxi, you only use ones that are licensed to ensure that they are safe.