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Ain’t: you’ve heard people using this word – and you might even have seen it written down – but you’re not really sure what it means or how to use it. Well, read on and you won’t go wrong!


Here’s the short explanation:

ain’t = am not / isn’t / aren’t


ain’t = haven’t / hasn’t

And here’s more detail:

Ain’t exists in the same form for all persons:

I ain’t

you ain’t

he / she / it ain’t

we ain’t

you ain’t

they ain’t

You can basically use it any time when you would normally use am not / isn’t / aren’t or haven’t / hasn’t:

We ain’t finished yet. = We aren’t finished yet. OR We haven’t finished yet.

Ain’t you finished yet? = Aren’t you finished yet? OR Haven’t you finished yet?

You ain’t gonna be finished on time. = You aren’t going to be finished on time.

(More on gonna in a future post!)

Ain’t also exists in some fixed expressions, for example:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. = If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

(Yes, this fixed expression does contain a grammatical error –  broke instead of broken!)

And there even used to be a comedy TV show in Britain with ain’t in the title:

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum

Ain’t only exists as a contraction – there is no full form. Contractions are informal; full forms are formal, so you can deduce from this that ain’t must be a pretty informal word. In fact, it is extremely informal – use it with your friends, maybe post it on social media, but definitely don’t write it in an academic assignment for university!

So, the next time you’re using English in a very informal situation, try using ain’t. There ain’t nothing stopping you!



The UK is one of the top most desired tourism destinations receiving more than forty million visits a year from people all over the world.

But it is not all about tourism, the UK is also one of the main destinations for lovers of the English Language. Thousands of  students decide to come to learn or improve their English skills in its birthplace.

What are the benefits?

  • Studying in the UK means that you will have total immersion in English, improving your language skills quickly on a daily basis.
  • Accredited English Language Schools are regularly inspected ensuring high quality teaching and learning experience.
  • People from all over the world come to study English in the UK giving you the most exciting experience of becoming friends and  learning about other students’ cultures and traditions.
  • Study English for professional purposes. English language  schools offer English courses that are specific to your career subject giving you advantage when applying for jobs.
  • The UK has a rich history and culture, many places to visit with easy planned journeys to vibrant cities, tourist sights and a beautiful countryside.
  • Living abroad and studying for personal, professional or educational purposes will develop your confidence, communication and independence skills.

Studying where the English Language was born will expose you to many accents and dialects which definitely make this experience challenging and very exciting!

To study with us please access our website.

Learn English in 2015!

Why learn English in 2015?

We all know that English is the international language, but there are many other great reasons to learn English this year..

The Internet

It is no secret that English is the language of the internet. Of all the languages used on the internet, English is the overwhelming favourite.

Internet Languages
Internet Languages






A study made by W3Techs showed that in April 2013, almost 55% of the most visited websites used English as their content language. Although, the number of non-English pages is rapidly expanding. According to Alexandru Rotaru, the use of English online increased by around 281% from 2001 to 2011, a lower rate of growth than that of Spanish (743%), Chinese (1,277%), Russian (1,826%) or Arabic (2,501%) over the same period.


English music sells well, nobody can argue about that. Not only is English language music popular in English speaking countries, but people from Portugal to Japan, Nigeria to The Phillipines, who has not heard of The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna or Adele? Many foreign singers also like to use English to express themselves in song, for example, Gangnam Style and

English speakers  do not have a better musical sense or make the most romantic or poetic songs. Italian and French songs are arguably better in that respect. As far as English lyrics are concerned, most English songs are not concerned with poetry and language exploration. For example, have you ever heard ‘Barbie Girl’…!?

Summer School at Eurospeak UK

Eurospeak Summer SchoolThe weather is starting to perk up and Eurospeak is gearing up for summer in Britain. Our 2014 Summer school starts on the 16th of June and we have classes in General English, IELTS Preparation, Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Intermediate, Pre-Intermediate and Elementary Classes.

In addition, Eurospeak has an exciting list of activities and excursions lined up for our students this year. Our famous and well-loved barbeques will continue to take place every Friday afternoon, and we have bowling, boat trips and ball games.

On top of our regular activities, we are expanding our city and sight excursions to places such as Bournemouth, Cambridge, Bath as well as London, Oxford and Windsor Castle. For the more energetic students we have also planned paintballing and regular rock-climbing activities.

It promises to be a great summer, and we hope you will join us!

Weekend English Classes in Reading Berkshire

English school in ReadingEurospeak are currently planning to start weekend classes in General English, IELTS Preparation and English Conversation. These classes would take place in the morning and afternoons at our school at 29a Chain Street in Reading. We hope to start these classes soon, so if you are interested in attending weekend classes, please get in contact with us and register your interest on: 0118 958 9599 or info@eurospeak.org.uk; or alternatively, please drop into our school and request more information.

We also offer one to one English classes so if you are looking for individual lessons we can organise classes for that as well.