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3 ways to motivate yourself to study English

  1. Never compare your English skills to “others”!

One reason that many English language learners have a low opinion of their skills is that they’re comparing themselves to native English speakers or other learners who have reached fluency. You should also avoid comparing yourself to other English learners. The fact is that everyone is different – some people naturally learn faster, some people naturally learn more slowly. Some people have invested more time in studying, other people have studied “on and off.” Some learners have had excellent teachers, other learners have had trouble finding a good teacher or a good method. Just focus on your individual progress!

  1. When you feel lazy just take a “baby step”!

A baby step is a very small action.  Sometimes you just feel discouraged and lazy – you simply don’t want to study that day. Tell yourself you’ll just do one TINY thing.

  • I’ll read an article or a book in English for 5 minutes
  • I’ll watch a video on Youtube in English for 5 minutes
  • I’ll listen one song in English
  • I’ll learn 5 new words and 2 Idioms


The hardest part is often starting! However, if you take a “baby step,” you’ll definitely learn something – and you will probably regain your motivation in the process.

  1. Be encouraged! Your English is probably better than you think it is!

Unfortunately, a lot of English learners have a very negative view of their English skills. Yes, of course there is room to improve. But you already have good English skills. If someone can understand your speaking and writing, it is a really big accomplishment.

So if you tend to have a low opinion of your English, try to eliminate those negative thoughts by focusing on what you CAN do, and not in what you can’t do yet.

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Cambridge FCE Exam tips – Use of English

Use of EnglishHere are some useful tips to do well in the ‘Use of English’ section of the Cambridge First Certificate in English.

This part of the exam lasts 45 minutes and consists of four parts.

• The first part is a gap fill – so as with the other parts of the exam – read the text (do not look at the answers) and try to think of which words could fill the gap yourself. After this you should look at the possible answers (do not read these first as they are made to confuse you).
• The second part you should read the text quickly and understand the topic, the writing style and the opinion/s of the writer. Then read the text and try to think what the missing words are – Think of the grammar term we should use here – auxiliary verb/pronoun/phrasal verb…
• In the third section you must change some given words – so here the best idea is to read the text and understand the meaning/style/opinions and then start to change the words. There is usually one word that must be made negative so look for this.

After this read the text through again and make sure it makes sense!

• In the final (and most important) part of the use of English part of the exam you should allow yourself at least 15 minutes to complete this section. Each question is worth two points – one for using the key word correctly, and one for identifying the remaining grammar or vocabulary needed to complete the sentence. So for this you must use the word given and use two to five words to complete the sentence. Always write something on the answer sheet as you can still get one mark!

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