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Cambridge CAE Results – Scoring Explained!

The CAE exam comprises of a Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking section. Each section carries 20% of the total marks.

You can score either an A, B, C (pass), D, E or U (fail).

You will get a statement of results and a certificate if your performance ranges between CEFR Levels B2 and C2.

The pass grades for the CAE Exam are: Grade A (C2), Grade B (C1), Grade C (C1). So if you get a grade A you achieve the CEFR C2 level. If you do not pass, but still do reasonably well you are issued a B2 certificate.

An example of a two CAE certificates of our students are shown below. Once person scored a grade A and the other a grade B. Both passed the exam.


At Eurospeak, we run CAE preparation classes. Classes for next term start on Thursday the 4th of September. Classes run every Thursday and Friday.

We are a CAE exam centre in Reading, Berkshire and the next CAE exam date available is 6th of December 2014.

Special Package for CAE Classes – Save £128 !!!

14 weeks of CAE Classes from 4th of September to 5th of December 2014. (Every Thursday & Friday, Total 28 classes, Each class for 3 hours from 9:30 am – 12:45 pm)
CAE Exam
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Normal Price:
Classes: £16 per class x 28 classes = £448
Exam: £105
Book: £25
Total: £578

But at Eurospeak, you can book this package for only £450!! A saving of £128!!!

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CAE Exam preparation in Reading, Berkshire

CAE Exam preparationThis winter we have a CAE exam on the 6th of December 2014. The Cambridge Advanced English exam can be used for universities in the UK and can also be used in many jobs to show you have a high level of English.

So, should you take IELTS or the Cambridge Exam.

Both IELTS and Cambridge are have their pros and cons. Outside of the UK, the IELTS test is more popular in Australia, New Zealand and Canada whereas the Cambridge Exams are better recognised in Eurospeak.

Whereas to do well in the IELTS test you need to master more tips and tricks, for the Cambridge exam you need to improve all aspects of your language. Also, the IELTS is a test open to all competencies of English, and there is no pass or fail in the exam, whereas the Cambridge Exams are more level specific.

A benefit of CAE is that instead of just reading, writing, speaking, and listening; this exam also tests your use of English – this means that you can demonstrate your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary (instead of being so controlled – like IELTS).

So why do prepare for your CAE exam (an even book an exam!) at Eurospeak?

Well, Eurospeak has many trained teachers for many different purposes. Our CAE teachers have been teaching for over ten years and know these exams and their structure ‘like the back of their hands’. We are one of the best places for CAE Exam preparation in Reading, Berkshire.

The CAE classes are taught twice a week on Thursday and Friday from 9:30 until 12:45 every week.

It would be good to sign up for these courses for business/study/general usage and start practicing when you can – so you achieve the highest possible level (A).

So, to conclude, for the best chance at gaining a high CAE level, come into our office (hours 8:30 – 7 everyday) and inquire about our lessons.

Eurospeak language School
29A Chain Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2HX, United Kingdom
Tel: 0118 958 9599

We are a CAE exam centre in Reading, Berkshire and the next CAE exam date available is 6th of December 2014.