Tips for public transport

Let’s get to some practical tips that can save you money! It’s about means of transport:

First, I’d like to say that in Southampton you can do a lot of things on foot. Google Maps quickly becomes your best friend!

The “National Express Coach”is ideal for all longer journeys. This is an ordinary coach. Normally you will find charging facilities (USB port) for your mobile phone on board, as well as a toilet. In addition, the coach has air conditioning, plus seats with extra legroom. The price is also affordable.

Beyond that, the prices adapt to the times: You can drive particularly cheaply in the morning and also in the late evening. So if you want to spend a whole day in one place anyway, this option is perfect for you. The National Express Coach also gives you the opportunity to save up to a third on many trips. Find out more about the various options available on this website: National Express Coachcard.

The train, on the other hand, is more expensive in most cases, but also faster. In terms of price, you can also get a bargain with the train: For example, it is often cheaper to book a return trip at the same time.

Sometimes the train leaves a few minutes earlier than it says on your ticket. Sometimes, of course, later. That means you should still be there early enough not to miss your train.

There are also several bus companies in Southampton and that’s why there are plenty ways to get around by bus, not just within Southampton.

For more information, check out the city’s website: Southampton City Council Public transport

Diferencias entre UK y España


En España es común darse la mano la mano a ambos géneros, y una vez que se establece una relación, es normal que los hombres se abracen, se den palmaditas en el hombro o darse un beso en cada mejilla.

En Inglaterra, los apretones de manos son comunes, aunque los besos (normalmente una vez en la mejilla) y los abrazos suelen estar reservados entre muy buenos amigos.

2.Hora de la comida principal

En España, el almuerzo es la comida principal. Se suele tomar entre las 14.00 y las 15.00 horas y puede consistir en varios platos. En Inglaterra el almuerzo es muy ligero, consiste en un sándwich, ensalada o quizás pasta fría, y se toma generalmente entre las 12.00 y la 1.00 pm. La excepción son los domingos, cuando tradicionalmente se sirve un gran almuerzo tardío que consiste en carne asada, generalmente pollo o carne de res, verduras asadas y postre.

En Inglaterra el plato principal es la cena, normalmente se toma alrededor de las 7.00 pm. Suelen ser platos calientes de carne. Las cenas españolas suelen ser más ligeras y se sirven más tarde, alrededor de las 21.00 horas.

3.Electricidad “prepago”

Un gran número de casas, especialmente las que se alquilan a estudiantes, tienen un contador en el que tienes que recargar dinero para poder tener electricidad. Te entregan una especie de llave con la que tienes que ir a Correos y recargar el dinero que quieras. Una vez hecho esto, introduces la llave en tu contador y se recarga el dinero que hayas ingresado en la tarjeta.

4.La basura

Debido al modelo de ciudad, con baja densidad de población, la basura no se recoge todos los días, lo normal es que sea una vez a la semana para la basura orgánica y los cubos especiales de reciclaje una vez cada 15 días. En España la recogida de basura es diaria y se comparte un contenedor por calle o plaza, mientras que en UK, cada casa tiene su propio contenedor.


En Reino Unido predominan las casas adosadas, incluso en el centro de algunas grandes ciudades. En España es mucho más común los pisos, a excepción de los pueblos, los cuales están formados por casas en su mayoría de una sola planta. Los baños en UK no tienen enchufe y para encender la luz en ellos se enciende tirando de una cuerda. Mientras que nuestro suelo está formado por losetas el suelo el suelo en Reino Unido está cubierto por moquetas, aunque algunas veces puede ser parquet. Las ventanas no tienen persianas, solo cortinas, por la oscuridad nunca será al cien por cien.

The 10 most famous sights of the United Kingdom (Part 2)

Here comes the second part… Have fun reading!

  • Westminster Abbey

In this church in London, in the Westminster district, the kings and queens are traditionally crowned and also the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton took place here in 2011. Furthermore, it is the tomb of most of the English kings.

There is much more to discover about Westminster Abbey, so a visit is well worth it!

More information: Westminster Abbey

  • Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a royal palace in the British county of Berkshire. It can easily be visited from London, ideal if you want a change from London. The Queen also resides here. If you want to know more about Windsor Castle and its prices, you can look here: Windsor Castle.

  • The British Museum

First of all: This museum is not only for culture lovers. It shows more than 2 million years of human history and culture not only from Great Britain, but also from Africa, Asia, Europe, America and antiquity. And best of all, admission to the permanent exhibitions is free. So what are you waiting for?

More info: The British Museum

  • Stonehenge

For some it may not be special, whereas for others it is even more so: Stonehenge. The stone circle is still an unsolved mystery today: What is the meaning of this and how did the stones get where they are today? Because at the time of the creation of “Stonehenge” there were no means of transport like today.

In any case, it is said that there is a mystical atmosphere there. So why not let yourself be enchanted?

More info:Stonehenge

  • St Paul’s Cathedral

The state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill took place in this cathedral and also Prince William and Princess Diana married here once. You can visit the “St Pauls Cathedral” from top to bottom. In the truest sense of the word, because from the top of the cathedral to the very bottom, to the crypt, there is much to discover.

More info: St Paul’s Cathedral

These were “The 10 most famous sights of the United Kingdom”.

We hope you enjoyed it!

The 10 most famous sights of the United Kingdom (Part 1)

You are just a few days in the UK, but you have already so much on your list that you really want to see? That’s understandable because the UK is huge and has a lot of interesting things to offer. That’s why we’ve put together a small list for you with ten of the sights you shouldn’t miss!

Here comes the first part:

  • Tower of London

The Tower of London has a wide variety to offer: It used to be a prison and therefore has a bloody past. This is one of the reasons why the mixture of history, art and fascination is so exciting! In addition to various exhibitions, the world-famous Crown Jewels await you here.

More information: Tower of London

  • Buckingham Palace

This palace was built in 1703 and still serves today for official state occasions but also as a residence for Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. It can be visited daily from the outside, but from the inside only from the end of July until the end of September.

For more information you can have a look at this page:Buckingham Palace.

  • London Eye

The London Eye is the world’s most famous Ferris wheel, after all it is also the largest in Europe. It offers a wide view over London, so you can see many of the other sights from above. There are also various ticket offers, e.g. for groups.

More information:London Eye

  • Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

The Big Ben is actually only the 13.5 ton bell in the “Elizabeth Tower”, which was so called in honour of the queen. Often, however, “Big Ben” is simply said (officially “Great Ben”). Today’s bell is already the second variant, because the first one broke twice.

The “Houses of Parliament” is also called “Palace of Westminster” and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the British Parliament meets, whereby it is also possible to visit public debates and meetings.

More information about Big Ben and Houses of Parliament: Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

  • Tower Bridge 

This bridge in London is the most famous bridge in the world Tower bridge is the older and more beautiful  and for which admission is due accordingly.

More info: Tower Bridge 

… you will find the last five sights in the next article! It remains exciting…

Why should you learn English?

It is often said that English is an essential skill these days. This is true in several ways:

  • Most widely spoken language in the world:

As a mother tongue, it’s the third most widely spoken language in the world (about 360 million people spread in 53 countries). But 1.5 billion people speak English as a second language around the world. So, when you travel, anywhere in the world, you will most certainly meet people who speak English.

  • Language of business but it’s also used in sciences, tourism and diplomacy:

Due to the globalization,most companies are becoming more and more international. There are some organizations that manage all their business in English, no matter where they are in the world. If you want to increase your chances of getting a good job and have a better career development, learning English is a good idea.

  • Language of media/arts:

Many of the world’s largest news agencies, including those responsible for television, newspaper, magazine and radio news, produce content in English. Some of your favourite movies, TV shows and pop music are certainly in English. You could enjoy your favourite TV shows or a book in its original language.

  • Web resources:

Internet is a mine of information like we have never known before. With a click, it is possible to access an astronomical quantity of texts, images, books on every conceivable subject. But this knowledge is not accessible to everyone because it is expressed most of the time in English. Thus, more than 55% of the world’s web pages are written in English. So, if you plan to surf the web, English will be very useful.

  • Good for your brain:

It is now scientifically proven that a bilingual or polyglot has a more complex and faster grey matter than people who speak only one language. Learning a new language allows the brain to organize or inhibit thoughts or behaviours more quickly. Bilingualism also helps to develop reasoning and memorization skills.

  • Fun:

You will discover another culture different from yours. Moreover, English is based on a simple alphabet and it is fairly quick and easy to learn compared to other languages.

Les 10 differences entre la France et l’Angleterre

La distance la plus courte entre la France et l’Angleterre ne dépasse pas les 30 kms, en effet ses deux pays sont quasi-frontalier mais pourtant on peut observer des différences culturelles importantes :

  1. Ce que l’on remarque tout de suite c’est bien évidemment la conduite à gauche, on ne peut pas y échapper en venant ici. Le volant des voitures est à droite, le sens de circulation est donc aussi inversé par rapport à la France. Il faut faire très attention lorsque l’on traverse et adopter les bon réflexes Anglais et ainsi éviter de se faire écraser.


  1. Le fuseau horaire n’est pas le même qu’en France, malgré la proximité des deux pays, on enlève une heure lorsque l’on arrive sur le territoire Anglais. Il faut donc bien penser à régler sa montre lors de l’arrivée.


  1. Attention aux prises électriques! Effectivement ce ne sont pas les mêmes, impossible de recharger vos appareils si vous n’avez pas acheté préalablement un adaptateur. Alors un conseil, soyez-prévoyants.


  1. Autre différence à laquelle on ne peut pas échapper c’est la disposition des touches sur le clavier d’ordinateur. Le clavier Français commence par les touches « azerty » alors que le clavier Anglais débute par « qwerty ». Une autre habitude à adopter quand vous serez sur place.


  1. Fait que vous n’ignoriez surement pas, la monnaie est différente. En Angleterre on paye en livres. N’oubliez donc pas de convertir les prix en euro et faites attention car l’euro est plus faible que la livre.


  1. Les bus sont aussi impressionnants, en effet ils sont sur deux étages et donc très grands. Cela fait partie des caractéristiques de l’Angleterre et dans certaines villes les fameux bus sont de couleur rouge.


  1. Les quartiers pavillonnaires sont aussi très typiques de ce pays. Toutes les échoppes se ressemblent avec pratiquement la même disposition. Les maisons sont similaires à perte de vue.


  1. Pour les enfants le port des uniformes à l’école est obligatoire. C’est amusant de voir les écoliers le matin avec leur « lunch » à la main, bien habillé avec le plus souvent pour les filles des jupes et pour les garçons des pantalons qui ne sont pas des jeans.


  1. Le matin les Anglais contrairement aux Français ne se font pas la bise, un simple « Good morning » suffit.


  1. Enfin le repas du midi pour les Anglais est beaucoup moins important que les autres, pour les travailleurs un simple sandwich suffit et les pauses déjeuners ne sont pas aussi conviviales comme cela peut l’être en France, chacun prend sa pause du midi quand il le désire, alors ne soyez pas étonner la première fois.



Using music to study

How many times have you sat down to study, only to get distracted by watching videos on YouTube, or songs on the radio? If you’re anything like us, then it’s a lot! But many people don’t realise just how useful music is for language learning – there are many ways that you can combine your love of music and your need to improve your English into one process.


Of course, YouTube is a fantastic language learning resource already, with thousands of teachers around the world sharing lessons online. In terms of music, if you search for the ‘karaoke’ version of the song (lyrics on the screen, but no vocal sound) or simple the version ‘with lyrics’ you can practise singing along to your favourite tracks in English, improve your pronunciation, and entertain your neighbours at the same time!

Write what you hear, then check on the internet

Another great way to use music streaming services is to try and write the words of the song as you listen, pausing and repeating as often as you need to. After you think you’ve written as much as you can, search for the lyrics and see if you were correct, especially with spelling.

Lyrics Training

A great website that helps you to relate what you hear to the written word. With thousands of popular songs in many languages, you can select one that you love, and then type or click the correct words as the song plays. Make it into a competition with your friends and see who has the best memory!

Local music nights

Both Reading and Southampton have loads of great live music venues and they’re the perfect place to listen to English language music and meet people with similar interests to you. Try Sub89, The Oakford Social Club, South Street Arts Centre, The Face Bar and The Global Café in Reading, or The Joiners, Engine Rooms and the Guildhall in Southampton.

Join a choir

Another great way to meet people and share your passion for music is to join a choir. There are many choral groups around the UK, ranging from the more traditional, classical choirs to those which are all about modern pop music.

Music as background

Of course, there are some times when you just need to put your head down and focus, but music can help you with that too! There have been several studies which show that classical music can improve your concentration. Try these suggestions from the BBC – BBC In Tune

Willkommen in Southampton!

Southampton ist eine Großstadt an der Südküste des Vereinigten Königreichs, etwa 110 Kilometer südwestlich von London gelegen. Southampton ist eine geschichtsträchtige Stadt und aufgrund ihrer weitreichenden Beziehungen ein wichtiges Geschäftsviertel. Tatsächlich war Southampton eine der wichtigsten Hafenstädte unter dem Römischen Reich und unzerstörbar während des Zweiten Weltkriegs.

Besonders bekannt ist Southampton für seinen Hafen, in welchem die Titanic 1912 zu ihrer ersten und letzten Reise aufbrach. Außerdem war der Hafen auch der Ausgangspunkt für Mayflower-Pilger nach Amerika.

Durch die Nähe zum Meer ist das Klima angenehm. Die Temperaturen in Southampton sind im Allgemeinen höher als anderswo: Die Sommer sind heiß und die Winter mild.

Southampton ist bekannt für seine Fußgänger- und Fahrradfreundlichkeit, die so jedem die Möglichkeit bietet, (günstig) die Umgebung zu genießen.

Einige Gründe, Southampton zu besuchen:

Atme frische Luft ein!

Die Stadt ist voll von Grünflächen, vor allem im Stadtzentrum. Die in den 1860er Jahren geschaffenen Central Parks (West Park, East Park, Palmerston Park, Houndwell, Hoglands und Queen’s Park) erstrecken sich bis ins Herz der Stadt und sind von „English Heritage“ (Wohltätigkeitsorganisation, die über 400 historische Denkmäler, Gebäude und Orte verwaltet) als historische Parks und Gärten aufgeführt. Diese sind ideal für einen Spaziergang unter freiem Himmel und gleichzeitig kannst du die schönen Landschaften betrachten und das Grün genießen.

Bleiben Sie in Form!

Southamptons Fußballmannschaft spielt in der ersten Liga und der Sport ist für Southampton im Allgemeinen von großer Bedeutung: Überall in der Stadt gibt es Sportzentren für Fußball, schwimmen oder andere Aktivitäten.

Historisches Umfeld:

Die Stadt hat mehrere interessante Museen wie z. B. das Archäologiemuseum, das „SeaCity Museum“ und das „Tudour House and garden“. Das Archäologiemuseum beherbergt eine der überraschendsten Sammlungen Großbritanniens. Du kannst z. B. in das, Mayflower Theatre“ gehen, welches direkt nach den Londoner Theatern das bekannteste Theater in Großbritannien ist. 


In der ganzen Stadt werden verschiedene und abwechslungsreiche Konzerte organisiert, so ist gewiss für jeden Geschmack was dabei. Darüber hinaus beherbergt die Stadt einen der wichtigsten Freizeitkomplexe an der Südküste: “Ocean Village“, mit Restaurants, Bars und vielem mehr.Southampton ist eine ruhige, aber dynamische Stadt. Nicht zuletzt dank ihrer Lage, die sie bietet, und der Studenten, die von den Universitäten angezogen werden. Alles in allem ist die allgemeine Lebensqualität in Southampton ausgezeichnet.

Bienvenido a Southampton

Southampton es una de las principales ciudades de la costa sur del Reino Unido, situada a unos 110 kilómetros al suroeste de Londres. Es una ciudad rica en historia y tiene una importante zona comercial para realizar actividades. De hecho, fue una de las ciudades portuarias más importantes bajo el Imperio Romano y un verdadero escudo durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Es particularmente conocida por su puerto que acogió al Titanic” en 1912 para su primer y último viaje. También fue el punto de partida inicial para los peregrinos de Mayflower a América.Debido a su proximidad al mar, el clima es agradable. Las temperaturas son generalmente más altas en Southampton que en otros lugares: los veranos son calurosos y los inviernos suaves.

Southampton es una ciudad llamada bicicleta y ofrece numerosos sitios para pasear y disfrutar de sus alrededores.

Algunas razones para visitar Southampton:

¡Respira aire fresco!

La ciudad está llena de espacios verdes, especialmente en el centro de la ciudad. Creados en la década de 1860, los parques centrales West Park, East Park, Palmerston Park, Houndwell, Hoglands y Queen’s Park se extienden hasta el corazón de la ciudad y están clasificados como parques y jardines históricos por el Patrimonio Inglés. Se pueden contemplar los bellos paisajes y es ideal para pasear al aire libre y disfrutar del verdor.

¡Manténte en forma!

El equipo de fútbol de Southampton juega en la primera liga y la ciudad le da mucha importancia al deporte en general. En los alrededores de la ciudad hay centros deportivos de fútbol, natación y otras actividades.

 Actividades culturales:

La ciudad cuenta con varios museos de interés como el Museo Arqueológico, el Museo Marítimo, el Museo y los jardines de la Casa Tudor. El Museo de Arqueología alberga una de las colecciones más sorprendentes del Reino Unido. El Mayflower Theatre es, por ejemplo, el más importante del Reino Unido después de los teatros de Londres.


Se organizan múltiples y diferentes conciertos por toda la ciudad. Además, la ciudad alberga uno de los complejos de ocio más importantes de la costa sur, el Ocean Village.

Southampton es una ciudad tranquila pero dinámica gracias al entorno que ofrece y a los estudiantes que atraen sus universidades. Además, la calidad de vida en general es excelente.

¡Así que no lo dudes más, atrévete a cambiar y ven a estudiar a Eurospeak Southampton!

Food in the UK

  • Fish and chips

A must have, it is the most famous British dish in Great Britain! This fish (cod or haddock) covered with a thick layer of batter before being immersed in boiling oil is served with vinegar chips and/or with a pea purée. To be tested at least once! You can still enjoy it today in the oldest fish-and-chip shop still in operation “The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World ” in Yeadon, near Leeds.

  • Full English breakfast

It is also known as “bacon and eggs”. It consists of bacon, fried eggs, sausages, beans, “hash brown” (potatoes and fried bread crumbs, shaped like a hamburger), fried tomatoes and mushrooms, all served with toasted bread next to the plate. It’s a real calorie festival, but it’s delicious!

  • Sunday roast

It’s the most common dish in English cuisine. This roast beef is traditionally served with Yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire pudding is a salty cake made from eggs, milk, flour and baked in the cooking fat of the meat. The roast is served with baked potatoes and steamed or roasted vegetables – all washed down with some thick gravy sauce.







  • Toad in the hole

This all-time British classic consists of sausages wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding-like smooth batter and baked in the oven. They are served with an onion juice sauce mixed with wine or English beer and mashed potatoes. It may seem strange to look at, but it tastes great.








  • Chicken masala

Due to their past, Indian culture has strongly influenced English food. This chicken dish with tomato sauce, cream and fenugreek spice is served in most Indian restaurants. It’s served with rice. It is not uncommon for fast food companies like MacDonald’s or Burger King to launch chicken masala variants of their burgers since it’s so popular.

  • Haggis

This Scottish speciality is prepared with sheep offal, onions, oats and lard. This dish is traditionally cooked in a broth with the meat enclosed in a sheep’s belly. However, we can reassure you that today synthetic casings are used instead. Most of the time, the “haggis” is served with mashed potatoes.

  • Bangers and Mash

Nothing more than sausages served on a generous portion of mashed potatoes, topped with a gravy sauce. Simple, quick and delicious!

  • Steak and Kidney Pie

It’s a pie made with salted beef broth, thickened with flour or cornstach and often with ale or stout added. you can serve a magpie in different ways, depending on the meat you use. If you don’t like beef, other versions with chicken or fish exist.


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