Speaking Topics in B1 ESOL Entry Level 3 Exams – Part 1 of 3

The speaking topics for B1 ESOL Exams are the kind of things people talk about in everyday life. These topics typically include: Home, Family and Friends, Work and School, Likes and Dislikes and Weather. Here are some topics that may help you familiarise yourself with the exam.

Family and Friends:
• Are you married?
• Tell me about your family.
• Do you have a big or a small family?
• What do you usually do with your family?
• Do you have a few close friends, or lots of friends?
• What do you usually do with your friends?
• How did you meet your best friend?

• What type of house do you live in?
• Do you live locally?
• Tell me about your house.
• How many people live in your house?
• What is your favourite room in your house, and why?
• Where would be your perfect place to live?

Work and School:
• Tell me about your job/studies.
• What would be your perfect job?
• What do you plan to do in the future?
• Why do you think it is important to learn English?
• Do you think university is important for young people?
• How has your education affected your life?

Likes and Dislikes:
• Tell me what you like to read.
• How often do you read?
• What kind of films do you like?
• Do you go to the cinema very often?
• Tell me about the music you listen to.
• Do you like concerts and live music?
• Have you ever been to a music festival?
• What do you do at the weekends, or in your free time?

• How is the weather today?
• Tell me about the weather in your country.
• How is the weather in the UK different to the weather in your country?
• What is your favourite season, and why?
• What do you do in summer?
• What do you think about British weather?
• What do you like least about the weather?

We hope these topics help you prepare for the B1 test. To book the test, please give us a call on 0118 958 9599 or email: courses@eurospeak.org.uk or  visit Eurospeak, 29a Chain Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2HX

B1 ESOL Entry 3 test centres near Oxfordshire

If you are looking to take the B1 ESOL English test for your UK Citizenship or ILR application, Eurospeak Language School in Reading is your most convenient choice.

Reading is located in the heart of South of England and is very accessible from surrounding counties such as Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Gloucestershire & North Hampshire.

Some of the towns and cities in Oxfordshire where our previous B1 Entry 3 ESOL test takers have  come from include:

Abingdon-on-Thames, Banbury, Bicester, Burford, Carterton, Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Didcot, Faringdon, Henley-on-Thames, Neithrop, Oxford, Ruscote, Thame, Wallingford, Wantage, Watlington, Weston Otmoor, Witney, Woodstock

How to get to Reading?

Reading is easily accessible from Oxford by Train and Car. Trains run every 15 to 20 minutes.

Oxford to Reading train timings on a Sunday morning
Oxford to Reading train timings on a Sunday morning






A drive from Oxford to Reading takes only about 50 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your B1 test at Eurospeak now. We are one of the most popular B1 ESOL test centres near Oxfordshire. We run the English B1 test every Sunday. The test takes only 20 minutes.

Call us on 0118 958 9599 or Email us on courses@eurospeak.org.uk or Visit: Eurospeak, 29a Chain Street, Reading, RG1 2HX



Is LRN B1 Test acceptable by UKBA for ILR and Citizenship application?

What is LRN (Learning Resource Network)?

LRN is recognised as an awarding body by Ofqual, the qualifications regulator in England and for vocational qualifications both in England and Northern Ireland.

LRN creates qualifications for educational institutes, training providers, schools and employers. LRN has a wide portfolio English Qualifications for those who want to boost their English language skills for their professional or personal development. These qualifications are internationally recognised by employers, governments and professional bodies as providing proof of the skills and abilities they are looking for.

The UKVI website says:

You can prove your knowledge of English by having an English level B1 qualification that’s one of the following:
- an ESOL qualification at Entry 3 or higher (eg Level 1 or 2) on the Ofqual register taken in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

The LRN ESOL Qualification is on the OFQUAL register (Qualification Number: 600/4279/5). Going by this UKVI criterion, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or British Citizenship with an LRN B1 ESOL Certificate.

The LRN Entry 3 test is a Speaking and Listening test that lasts about 17 minutes.  In the test you are tested on your English Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Discourse Management and Listening Comprehension. This is normally done via a discussion with you. You are NOT expected to know any grammar terminology.

You can see a Sample LRN Entry 3 Speaking and Listening test here.

So, what are you waiting for. Book your B1 test at Eurospeak now.

To book, you can call us at 0118 958 9599
or email courses@eurospeak.org.uk
or visit us at Eurospeak,29a Chain Street, Reading, RG1 2HX

**Despite our working knowledge of B1 ESOL exams, we are not immigration advisors and we recommend that you speak to your lawyer or immigration advisor for any immigration related advice.

B1 ESOL Test – Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to take classes before the B1 test?

Although it  is not mandatory to take classes to take the B1 test, if your level of English is not B1 standard, we highly recommend that you take classes to improve before you sit the exam. We run general English classes and can also arrange bespoke B1 test preparation classes for you.

How do I know if my English is B1 level?

If you are unsure what level your English is, please complete our online level test here: English Level Test. You level of English is Intermediate (B1 Level) if you score 60+. However, please note that the B1 test is a speaking and listening test and your level in these competencies may vary. Please speak to one of our advisors for a bespoke assessment of your level.

For a sample of B1 level English in a B1 exam, please watch the sample video, here: Sample B1 Speaking Test Video

Can I apply for leave to remain in the UK with an EMDQ B1 Qualification?

The UKVI website says:

You can prove your knowledge of English by having an English level B1 qualification that’s one of the following:
- on the Home Office’s list of recognised English tests and qualifications
- an ESOL qualification at Entry 3 or higher (eg Level 1 or 2) on the Ofqual register taken in England, Wales or Northern Ireland
- an ESOL qualification at Scottish Qualifications Framework levels 4, 5 or 6 awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and taken in Scotland

EMDQ qualifications is on the OFQUAL register (Qualification Number: 600/7040/7).  Going by this UKVI criterion, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or British Citizenship with an EMDQ B1 ESOL Certificate. For the qualification to be acceptable, you must pass all four modules (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing).

However please note that we are not immigration advisors and we strongly recommend that you speak to a lawyer or immigration advisor for any immigration related advise.

What is the B1 test for a British passport/citizenship?

The B1 ESOL test is a English test, which is required by the UKVI (since October 2013) for those who need to prove their knowledge of English for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

How much time does it take to get B1 test result?

After you sit the B1 test, you will receive the results within 10-14 working days. If you pay the additional fee for the premium / emergency service, you will receive your results within 5 working days.

What is the structure of the B1 test?

The test is 20 minutes long, and two candidates sit together with an ESOL examiner. The examiner asks both candidates questions on various topics, such as: work, home, family, school and hobbies. The examiner will direct the conversation, and the candidates will talk about different subjects to each other, and to the examiner. The candidates may also have to ask each other two or three questions. For a sample of the B1 test format, please look here:
LRN Sample B1 Test

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B1 ESOL Speaking and Listening Examination

We are now running the Ofqual approved B1 Speaking and Listening   test approved by LRN. These tests take place at Eurospeak’s campus in the Reading Town Centre. and are held every Sunday.

The B1 test will take about 17 minutes. In the test you are paired up with another candidate and are interviewed by the examiner.  To see a sample B1 exam, click below:

Sample B1 Speaking and Listening Test 

From 28th October 2013, anyone applying for permanent residence, settlement, naturalisation, ILR or British Citizenship must pass two exams unless someone is exempt. The two exams are as below:
- Life in the UK Test
- B1 Level ESOL Entry 3 exam approved by OFQUAL

How to book your test?
Step 1: Fill out the application form online
Step 2: Email a copy of your ID (passport or driving licence or residence permit) to courses@eurospeak.org.uk
Step 3: Call us on 0118 958 9599 to pay via debit/credit card or Pay in person at our school premises or pay via bank transfer (Eurospeak Language School, Account Number: 04294181, Sort Code: 403804) with reference as your first name.


Please call us on: 0118 958 9599 or email us on courses@eurospeak.org.uk or walk to our school in the Reading Town Centre: Eurospeak, 29a Chain Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2HX and we can help you book it.

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